replacement-ac-newAs your cooling system accumulates dust and dirt throughout the year, it runs less efficiently, which means higher utilities and repair bills for you. Avoid those headaches and extra costs with a Maintenance Agreement with Affordable Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc.

You wouldn’t let your car run for over 100,000 miles without any maintenance, so don’t put your cooling system under the same stress! Inspecting or changing your air conditioning filter once a month is a good start, and adding a Maintenance Agreement from Affordable Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Inc. can lead to a longer life for your cooling system by as much as 3-5 years. Our annual visit includes a thorough tune-up of your entire cooling system, and inspections of all moving parts and blower components.

Maintenance Agreements cost much less than you think and will save you big in the long run. Taking regular care of your cooling system will allow it to run more efficiently, which equals lower monthly bills, and help avoid costly repairs that always seem to pop up at the hottest time of year. In fact, regular maintenance costs eventually pay for themselves and validate the manufacturer’s warranty on your cooling system.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Save time and money, and avoid costly repairs with our affordable Maintenance Agreement.

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